Col de la Bonette


Where: Southern France/Italy border

How Long: 50km approx

Added: 10 September 2011

From Jausiers in the North to Saint-Etienne-de-Tinee in the south, this is possibly one of the most famous roads in the Alps, and at 2802M, stated to be the highest road in Europe. The actual pass finishes at around 2700M with a recent addition taking it to the full height constructed to retain the title.

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The road surface is smooth and the scenery on the way up is breathtaking. As the road ascends through a series of sweeping bends, the scenery turns from lush green to volcanic like barren landscape at the top. As you link the series of bends, this is a great road to drive, taking in the scenery on the way up to the summit where you can enjoy stunning panoramic views.

This road is used on the tour de France, and is well maintained. The descent from the summit gives a good view of the road ahead, which is something to behold. The road gets more challenging and at times is very narrow, but it is a road worthy of a Top 10 place.