Col De Turini


Where: France

How Long: 35km approx

Added: 16 September 2011

The Col De Turini is one of the stages previously used in the WRC, with cars running both in daytime and at night!! The road has also been used in the Tour de France, and is a challenging drive with long straights linking 34 hairpin bends running from Sospel to La Bollène. At its highest point the road reaches 1607 metres and the views as might be expected, are awesome.

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This road was featured in the first episode of Top Gear series 10 when the presenters went in search of the greatest driving road in the world
The bottom section is quite open and flowing, but narrow, and with several blind corners. Hugging the mountainside, and going through it, up through the trees, the road becomes more challenging, with hairpin bends a plenty, rock on one side and drops on the other, the top section is extremely twisty, with rocks sometimes in the road, not a road to lose concentration on.