The N152


Where: Spain

How Long: 48km approx

Added: 16 September 2011

An absolutely stunning piece of road across the Pyrenees and undoubtedly one of the best anywhere in Europe. Jeremy Clarkson recently declared it his new favourite road! The road has light traffic, but a few bikers, and classic mountain twists and turns that make it a delight to drive.

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The road has excellent visibility, important when you have a cliff face on one side and a sheer drop on the other! Watch out though, as you may come across sheep cattle or even horses on this road, so it’s important to keep concentration levels high.

After leaving Ribes de Freser the road immediately narrows and you come across a large signpost that warns you that the road ahead contains bends for 45kms, and that’s just to the Col de Toses, with a further 22 kms after the Col to Puigcerda. The road then becomes a delight to drive, with every kind of twist and turn, heading upwards to the Col de Toses (1800M). A break to consider and recover is recommended! The views along the Serra de Cadi valley are awesome at this point.

From here the downhill run through to Puigcerda is full of fast smooth roads with good visibility.