Col de la Croix-Morand


Where: Mid France

How Long: 16 miles approx

Added: 30 March 2013

Featured in issue 182 of Evo Magazine, Henry Catchpole had one of his most memorable and fun drives on this road (check out Caterham snow evo on You Tube)

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Another great French road, which has featured in the Tour de France, and is although not particularly high still capable of being snow covered so beware.

Starting at Le Mont-Dore, the road climbs through the tree line and is a great fast flowing series of corners and straights with relatively wide and smooth tarmac.

There is a stopping area at the top, where the views are superb, the downhill section hugs the side of the mountain and has some stunning scenery, again going down through the trees with some great hairpin bends

A good road to drive in either direction, and highly recommended