The Buttertubs Pass


Where: Yorkshire Dales

How Long: 5.5 miles

Added: 21 December 2011

This great road takes us to the heart of the Yorkshire Dales for the Buttertubs Pass, rated by Jeremy Clarkson as “*England’s only truly spectacular road”*

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This short 5 1/2 mile C road from Thwaite to Hawes has everything you need for an amazing driving experience; steep climbs, rapid descents, tight challenging corners and dramatic scenery.

In fact it has been rated as “England’s only truly spectacular road” by none other than Jeremy Clarkson.

Starting in Thwaite just off the B6270 and heading south along Cliff Gate Road, the route climbs sharply over the first couple of miles.

Reaching the peak of the cliff side pass provides great visibility and some stunning views.

The name Buttertubs comes from the limestone potholes formed by the rock face. Local legend says that farmers would use them to store their butter during the summer en route to their local market.

Towards the end of the drive you’ll pass through High Shaw and then Simonstone before reaching Hawes.

In total the Buttertubs Pass should be one of the best 10 minutes of your driving life.

And once you reach Hawes, you can turn right and find refreshments at the Green Dragon Inn just half a mile along the road.

Mick Rich E-mailed to say “Buttertubs Pass is a stunning bit of road, it’s even better when you start at the Tan Hill Inn (the highest pub in England) and head for West Stonesdale, turn left onto the B6270 and then pick up the Pass at Thwaite.

Thank you Mick, will try that out next time I drive it.