Stokesley to Helmsley B1257


Where: North Yorkshire Moors

How Long: Approx 20 miles

Added: 24 September 2012

This great road was sent in by Twitter follower Andy Forde @hightower150 and connects Stokesley to Helmsley running right through the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors. This super road has great views and Andy says it’s a really nice drive.

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Andy says. We found this road by pure chance as we were driving to Thirsk and decided to take this route through the Moors.

Starting at Stokesley the road literally cuts through the left side of The North Yorkshire Moors and is a great drive with some fantastic views. The road runs for 7 miles before you drive through the small village of Chop Gate.

You then drive on for a further 13 miles through sweeping bends and lots of gradient changes, again with great views and road, until you arrive at the picturesque village of Helmsley.

The ruins of Helmsley Castle are here and are well worth a visit as is Dumcombe Park where you can visit the stately home and gardens, again very beautiful.

One thing to note on the drive is it is used by a lot of bikers and is classed as a dangerous road in the area.