Classic India


Where: Southern India

How Long: 13 Days

In October 2017, we will be flying to Southern India for the for Classic India. Participants will be driving Hindustan Ambassadors across hot arid plains and up and over the Western Ghat mountains, visiting wild life reserves, old British hill stations and tea plantations, passing through some of India’s most beautiful scenery

Tour Operator: Classic Car Journeys
Available: 6th October - 18th October 2017

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The event is open to anyone with a spirit of adventure. Even though it is non competitive, it is certainly a challenge. For a detailed itinerary take a look at the Itineraries page.

It’s a fabulous trip, the memories of which will last a lifetime. Imagine telling your grandchildren about the time you motored over the mountains in India in an old classic car, fighting off tigers and snakes. I sincerely hope you’ll join us.

History of the event

I first visited India in 2003 and was totally captivated. India is without doubt the most colourful and chaotic country I have ever seen. Visiting each year and noticing the huge numbers of Ambassadors, I started to think about the possibility of running an International Ambassador Rally. Having participated in both competitive and non competitive rallies I have always preferred the latter as I like the time to explore places I am visiting.

In October 2006 we ran the first Classic India in which 60 people drove in 30 cars through some of India’s most beautiful scenery. The trip was a huge success (see Your Comments). Equally successful trips have followed each year and now we’re now all set for 2017.

The event is totally non competitive with reasonable time built into each day to stop and sightsee. Each participant is provided with a route book which is clear and easy to follow. Each year we have several participants who have never taken part in an event of this kind. Despite the fact that for them, it is a completely new experience, they always love it. I have a wonderful team supporting me and we all work very hard to ensure you have an unforgettable time.