Tours by Classic Travelling


Where: UK, Europe and Beyond

How Long: Throughout 2019 and into 2020

Classic Travelling was established in 2003 and offers motoring holidays and driving tours for classic, vintage and sports cars of all ages

Tour Operator: Classic Travelling
Available: Throughout 2019 and into 2020

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With Classic Travelling’s continual presence on the best touring roads, we are second to none for advice about exploring the world by road, and off the beaten track. We actually drive every single mile of every single tour we offer, both as a reconnaissance trip and then to accompany the group tours. Unlike some other companies, we do not just rely on the internet for routes and directions!

Our Classic Car Tours, Driving Holidays & Motoring Tours are very relaxed affairs. Together with a group of other classic car owners (typically about 15-20 cars/30-40 people in a group) our classic car tours and driving holidays follow the most beautiful routes, stay in charming, high-quality hotels (3-5 star deluxe), and savour the local culture, varied events, wonderful attractions and delicious food. Often the road itself is the destination.

There are no early starts, no convoy driving, no competitive stages. Our detailed tour books, and the services of a Tour Director, and a Tour Mechanic (not UK tours) ensures everything on our motoring tours and driving holidays goes without a hitch.


Mallorca 22nd – 27th September 2019

Dorset and Devon Tour 7th April 2019

Normandy Gardens and D Day beaches 7th April 2019

Dordogne 3rd May 2019

Channel Islands Tour 21st June

North Wales Tour 4th July 2019

New England Falls Colours Tour 19th September 2020

Sarah also provides Independent Tours in the UK Europe and Beyond. Be sure to check out the website