Classic Vietnam 2019


Where: Vietnam

How Long: 2 Weeks

Classic Vietnam offers the opportunity to drive an ex US military jeep through this fascinating country. Starting in Hanoi we head south, visiting 4 world heritage sites, several Vietnam War sites including Khe Sanh and Hamburger Hill, and cities including, among others, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hue and Hoi An.

Tour Operator: Great Road Journeys
Available: 30th March -13th April 2019

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For years it has not been possible for non residents to drive 4 wheeled vehicles in Vietnam. That is why Clarkson and Co in their recent Top Gear special used scooters instead of cars. We have now managed to overcome the licensing hurdles and in 2012 we ran the first event of it’s kind.

The route broadly follows the Ho Chi Minh Trail the ’secret’ supply route used by the North Vietnamese to supply their troops in the south during the conflict. We stay in lovely hotels and in keeping with other events you will be provided with a detailed route book enabling you to travel at your own pace. As always, as well as several tourist hot spots, we’ll be visiting several areas not normally accessed by tourists.

The trip commences in Hanoi and finishes in former Saigon, now named Ho Chi Minh City.