Posted on 27th October 2022

I ordered a Lotus Emira 17 months ago, and i’m still waiting.

In 2021 I read about an exciting new sportscar to be built by Lotus as their last Petrol engine car, the type 131. The photos in the motoring press looked stunning, so on 7th May 2021, I placed a deposit with a Lotus dealer and awaited further news.

To be fair, I have had a lifelong love affair with Lotus cars, owning 8 in total, from the original Elan, Elan Sprint, 7 Esprit, Elise and Evora. This new car looked to be a huge leap forward for the company, both in terms of styling and standard of finish.

The new car was to be called the Emira and was to be revealed to the public at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2021, and so I headed to Goodwood full of anticipation of the launch. On the first day of Goodwood I headed to the Lotus stand, which was already busy, with the sole purpose of viewing the car. Wow, what a stunning looking car it was resplendent in Seneca Blue. I waited in the queue and eventually sat in it and spent a lot of time just admiring the curves of the car. I couldn’t believe my luck; I was to become the owner of one of the best looking small sportscars on the planet.

Further deposits were paid, and I received an invite to attend the official launch at Central Lotus in Nottingham. Mrs S and I duly attended, and I was pleased that she loved the car as much as I did. We studied the colours and the wheels and in due course using the Lotus Configurator I selected my options.

Delivery was to be in May 2022, and so having paid my full deposit to Lotus, I started to think about my 2022 road trip of Europe. The Emira Lotus said was to be a comfortable touring car, with room for luggage in the boot, and also behind the two seats. My spec was to be Nimbus with lower black pack, V6 Auto, touring suspension with yellow calipers and silver alloys. I was a happy man with something amazing to look forward to.

I joined Emira related facebook pages with other fellow enthusiasts and we all enthused about our forthcoming deliveries, specifications and wherever possible shared information and photos of the car.

In March 2022 I went to Classic Team Lotus for a factory tour, bought as a Christmas present. Cheekily I contacted Matt Windle Lotus MD to see if I could visit the factory. Surprisingly I received a response and he agreed to meet me and show me around.

Arriving at the factory at Saturday Lunchtime, I was greeted by Matt and his Son, and Matt took me on a tour of the factory and the production lines, where no one was working. We saw a few pre-production cars, and the whole facility looked very impressive, as did the cars in various colours, I was allowed to take photos, which I could put on Facebook for others to see.

In April, I received an email from Lotus to tell me that as a Priority Customer, my specification was locked in for production, and that my car would be built in June, with Delivery in July, a delay for which they apologized.

In June we all received an email with a Video from Matt Windle informing us of delays due to material shortages, but confirming that prices would be held at those originally agreed. Further updates would be communicated in due course.

In July, following a chase up email Lotus told me that my car would be built in August as the factory was running 6-8weeks behind.

In August we were sent a generic email informing us that we would receive an update soon regarding build and  delivery

In September I contacted Customer Services again, as cars were being delivered to customers in Europe, but that the dealers still did not have any cars available to test drive. My reply was that my car would now be built in October, with Delivery in November and that.

There will be no further delays with your order.  

Once your vehicle is in production you will be invited via email to our checkout process. You will receive an encrypted link to be able to view your order. 

During the checkout process you will be guided through your final agreement, any PCP if you wish to apply, ID checks and great range of optional extras such as paint protection. 

You will also be offered delivery or collection options. Once this is completed and verified we will be in touch to arrange delivery of your Emira! 

We are now 27th October, I have heard nothing more from Lotus. I have sent yet another chase up email but have so far had no reply. I am extremely frustrated as receiving the car this late on in the year means I cannot use it as I wanted to, and I really don’t want a late 2022 car either which could affect the future resale value.

I am not the only frustrated Lotus customer either, on social media, it is evident that people are getting fed up with the delays, and particularly lack of communication from Lotus. Orders are being cancelled, which cannot be good news for the company either.

I’m hoping to have some positive news soon and look forward to bringing you news on my Lotus Emira travels in the future.

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