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Mont Ventoux

Meaning windy mountain, Mont Ventoux can be seen from almost everywhere in Provence. Its position makes it a dominating feature, and it is a very popular climb with cyclists, having featured in past Tours de France, so watch out for bikes.

South Of France


The real road climb starts at Bédoin . After 2 km, take the road to the left towards Les Baux and Sainte Colombe. Passing those two villages, the climb gets steeper, never dropping below 8% on this first section, which is a brilliant road, with trees on both sides. There are only a couple of sharper bends on this section, the remainder of the climb being a continuous flow of straights and corners as you climb up towards Chalet Renard on the right of the mountain.

When you reach Chalet Renard, you can take a breather before continuing. The second part of the climb is completely different, with a dramatic change of scenery; the landscape becomes more lunar like, with views over Provence, if you dare. The road is again a series of long straights and sweeping corners, with a few steep hairpins before the finish at the top where the Observatory is situated, and the views stunning.

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