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Passo Del Rombo

The “secret gap” in the Alps, this route is a little gem running between Austria and Italy, a much less known road than many, and often used by Mercedes to test their cars.

From Austria to Italy


This route was sent in by Alessandro Forconi

Unfortunately you can only drive this road for a few months of the year as it is frequently snow covered, sometimes even in July!

The road is quite fluid, very different from the “tough” Stelvio Pass, and also enjoys very light traffic. There is a small toll to pay, but it is a price worth paying to experience this wonderful piece of tarmac.

Part of the pleasure of driving this road is being so close to nature, It is nonetheless impossible not to stop and admire the stunning views that repeatedly open up along the way. Sometimes sheep, goats or even ibexes cross your path, and as you continue southwards, the climate suddenly changes, taking on Mediterranean characteristics.

At the top of the pass there is a small but very interesting Rombo’s Pass museum inside a building which appears to hang out from the rocks into space. You will also find various architectural sculptures located at stopping places along the road, enlighten travellers about the natural surroundings, the history, the culture, the communities and the economy of the region. Explore the sculptures, expand your horizons, There is a lot of history around this pass, which has been on of the first built using diggers and men together.

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