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The Splugen Pass

A great road running between Switzerland and Italy, closed in winter, but worth driving when open. A series of hairpins and great views make this one to see ad drive.

Between Italy and Switzerland


Photos and details sent in by Alessandro Forconi

The Splugen Pass runs between Switzerland and Italy and has an elevation of 2,113 m, approached on the Italian side along the banks of the stunning Lake Como. Closed in the winter, this is a lesser known pass, but nevertheless one that is challenging and rewarding to drive.

Climbing up through a belt of pine trees, this is a stunning road which twists and turns ever upwards, but also has several long straights and sweeping curves that allow you to stretch your legs. With the obligatory hairpin bends, the scenery becomes more barren as the road climbs up through moorland, the road becoming tighter and more challenging until near the top, some incredible views of the distant snow covered peaks and valleys become visible

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