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Petrolhead Spanish Tour

Blessed with a superb climate and some interesting topography, Spain is certainly worthy of a visit. The food, the atmosphere, and the stunning natural lay of the land provide endless options for exploration.
Tour Start Date End Date
Petrolhead Tours Saturday 19th June 2021 Tuesday 29th June 2021



Friday - Make sure you're at the Portsmouth ferry terminal by 15:00 on this Friday afternoon, as the boat leaves at 17:00 and it won't wait for you!

Saturday - Relax on board the ferry. When you arrive in Spain you'll drive off the boat and be met immediately by your tour managers, who will provide you with your walkie talkie and satnav for the week and guide you the short hour-and-a-bit to the accommodation for tonight, safely on dry land.

Sunday - We leave our first hotel and head into the hills and eventually in the mountains of the Picos Europa. The roads are largely deserted, the weather is consistently excellent, the roads are very well kept, and the scenery is almost as good as the driving. Onwards, to Monforte de Lemos.

Monday - We leave Monforte de Lemos this morning to head out across the Picos, briefly cutting in to Portugal before following the border south towards Salamanca. In previous years we've stayed inn Salamanca itself, but we recently discovered a hidden gem which is so much more impressive-

Tuesday - We'll head cross country this morning, bypassing Salamanca on the way to the lakes around Trujillo. Once again the roads are fast and flowing and the tarmac is deserted.

Wednesday - We've got a long way to go today, to get us from one side of Madrid to the other in the most painless way possible. We'll have a couple of hours of fun this morning, then scoot past Madrid on the motorway, then have another couple of hours of fun roads on the way in to our hotel at Teruel.

Thursday - A nice stretch through the hills above the coast today, heading towards Barcelona. Spain just keeps on giving. We end up at a hotel which is quite literally on the doorstep of the Pyrenees:

Friday - We've got a whole day of Pyrenees playground time today, heading west along the mountains and diving in and out when it suits us. One of the highlights of the morning is the Port de la Bonaigua, a favourite of Carfection's Henry Catchpole;

Saturday - We leave our last hotel (near Pamplona) to head for the boat at Santander - you can have a lie in and an easy motorway drive if you like, or you can savour the last day and some of the best roads in Spain to wring every last ounce of fun out of the trip. What a week!

Sunday - Rest and relaxation aboard the ship home to Portsmouth. Plenty of time to discuss the week's events with your fellow tourers and get over the hangover from last night's party, before the drive home and a night in your own bed.


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