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Rico Rally European Car Rally

This 6 day European Driving adventure takes in some of the best Alpine passes and driving roads in Europe. This European driving adventure has something for everyone.
Tour Start Date End Date
Rico Rally Sunday 12th September 2021 Saturday 18th September 2021

France, Germany, Italy and Switzwerland

The hills are alive, well they will be, on this European driving adventure.

Less of a rally and more of a tour, but most definitely an adventure in the way we like to do things here at Rico Rally.

Just a taster of what to expect, but check out the website link for full details

Col de Turini
Famous for its World Rally heritage, the Col de Turini is a truly great road with twists, turns, short straight blasts and stunning views - watch the video

What do we need to say about Monaco? Glamour, glitz, awesome cars, Casino Square and all that F1 heritage.

Route Napoleon
Route Napoléon is a 200 mile section of the Route Nationale 85, taken by Napoléon on his return from Elba in 1815. Definitely one of the best driving roads out there, and we throw a little twist in at the end as you drop into the French Riviera.

Fluela Pass
One of the most beautiful passes we'll drive on this trip, in fact on all of our trips. With it's flowing curves and slight undulations the Fluela Pass really is a superb road to drive.

Maloja Pass
The deep valleys & high peaks make for very dramatic scenery. The first set of curves are nice and open and then right before you reach the summit, the curves tighten up into hairpins. A drive along Maloja mountain pass in Switzerland is a rewarding experience.

Black Forest, Germany
A road that combines glass smooth sweeping sections elevated above the forest with a dramatic switchback run continuing on our adventure.

Julier Pass
One of the best roads we drive on any Rico Rally, just stunning as you climb and weave along the pass. Cross the summit and then descend down towards St Moritz.

Albula Pass
The Albula pass starts in Davos and has an almost constant set of corners until the gorge just before Bergün. After that the road climbs through the trees, with exciting hairpins and sweepers.

Rico Rally is a driving adventure where like-minded people can drive their cars through some mind blowing scenery on some of Europe's best driving roads and enjoy great company. Catch up with your new petrolhead friends every evening in great hotels to Eat, Drink and talk about your adventures that day and of course your pride & joy.


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