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The Cannonball Run Europe 2021


Top Secret locations


Designed to mimic the rush of taking part in an underground event by keeping the route TOP SECRET this keeps the adrenaline pumping with challenges along the route and the unexpected at every turn.

Cannonballers are told the start and finish locations ONLY, the rest of the route is controlled by a series of missions setting out where to drive to and a window of time to arrive in.

The route differs every year within the boundaries of Europe, is just short of the US coast-to-coast distance but overall, the driving time in the 6 days of the event is roughly equivalent to the original outlaw Cannonball Runs of the 1970s.

The main difference being that the US racers drove straight through from start to finish in record-breaking attempts, European Cannonballers get to stop the clock every night without racing to enjoy time together in comfort along the way.

Cannonball Run Europe is a real-life bucket-list adventure for petrol-heads.


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