Adam Carroll signs for the Jaguar team this season

22 August 2016

Adam Carroll signs for the Jaguar team this season as potential team mate has yet to be signed

It was announced yesterday morning that the Jaguar Formula E team will test Alex Lynn, Mitch Evans and Harry Tincknell as potential teammates to the already-signed Adam Carroll for season three at Donington Park next week.

Rumours are circulating the paddock that Carroll, who has tested for the team this summer; has had a deal in place since the end of July and will be one of Jaguar’s race drivers. He will be joining his potential teammates at the Donington Park tests, the first of which begins on Tuesday.

At the moment Lynn, Evans and Tincknell will test for the new team to vie for the remaining Jaguar I-Type 1 seat, as the Jaguar team continues to evaluate potential partners for Carroll. The test, which Jaguar is describing as a ‘shakedown’, will see the quartet run in the first three-day test.

It remains unclear if any other drivers will be assessed in the second test in early September, but it is believed that Carroll’s partner for the 2016/17 season will come from these three drivers.

Jaguar has now completed all 15 allocated manufacturer test days with its Jaguar I-Type 1 test car over the summer, with Carroll and Lynn both having sampled the car so far.

The latest gossip that is circulating the paddock believe that Tincknell has yet to drive the car, which has been run from Williams’ Grove base and tested predominantly at Croix-en-Ternois in northern France.

The team is in the process of fully moving in to its Donington workshop this weekend, with its team manager and long-time Williams F1 staffer Tim Newton having being present this week for the mandatory ‘battery ballot’, which sees teams draw lots for their designated season three batteries supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering.

The team will officially announce its drivers at a launch on September 8, after the final day of testing.

Sarah Jones- @jonesy_laaa