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San Bernardino Pass

Beginning in Castione, Switzerland, and heading north on highway 13 Blue this road follows the Mesolcina valley over the mountain, and on to Hinterrhein in Switzerland.


50 km

The San Bernardino Pass offers a great amount of variety, and the road is surprisingly wide on the ascent from the south, where initially it passes through several small villages. Eventually climbing up through the tree line, the road throws in a couple of hairpin bends, and you can see the A13 below. The village of San Bernardino is virtually closed in the summer, and is reached on the ascent. After the village, the terrain changes, with trees fading, and the vista becoming tundra like, the road then becomes more interesting with tight twists and turns, but with good visibility, and limited drop off areas. The road allows a flow whilst driving, and passes a landscape crafted from glaciers, whilst passing the glorious lake Moesola. The alpine section is a dream, fast, but with some hairpin bends thrown in.

The descent introduces different conditions, with the road narrowing and becoming much steeper, with tighter turns with the road following the cliff line. Eventually the road opens into rich farmland and allows you to reflect on what is a wonderful ribbon of tarmac, combining everything the keen driver wants.

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