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The Midlands Tick

This British Driving Road takes us to the centre of the UK for the imaginatively titled Midlands Tick. Featuring a good mix of long straights and tight corners this route has everything required for an entertaining drive.


50 miles

The 50 mile route takes you on a scenic journey around the outskirts of Nottingham and Leicester.

Starting in Bingham just 10 miles east of Nottingham the Midlands Tick begins where the Tithby Road meets the A52.Continue south along the Bingham Road for the first few miles passing through Wiverton and then Langar.

Next you'll pass by Harby before reaching Eastwell and turning right at the crossroads.

One mile later turn left leaving Landyke Loan and after another mile you'll reach Scalford.

Follow King Street, then onto Melton Road and continue until you reach Melton Mowbray, home of the eponymous pork pie and one of the six homes of stilton cheese.

If you can resist the temptation to stop and sample the food, leave Melton Mowbray heading south along the B6047 Dalby Road.

Follow the road through Great Dalby, Thorpe Satchville, Twyford and Tilton on the Hill.
Cross the A47, still on the B6047 and continue for another six miles until you take a left onto the A6.
Follow the A6 south for two miles before briefly joining the A427 for about a tenth of a mile before turning left onto the B664 Sutton Road.

And finally, stay on the B664 for the remaining 10 miles, passing through Sutton Bassett, Medbourne and Stockerston before you reach your destination in Uppingham.

During the journey you'll also pass two old RAF bases so expect to see the occasional glider floating around the area and landing on the runways.

Apart from that, look out for the mobile speed cameras which are often in the area.

Have you driven the Midlands Tick? Do you live nearby and have any local knowledge that you could share with everyone else?

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